Prepare to have a blast playing on Bartlett's undulating slickrock terrain.


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"Bartlett Wash is an Entrada sandstone slickrock ride featuring incredible views and fun undulating waves of great rock,” writes [](

Unlike most other mountain bike rides, Bartlett Wash is actually more of a mountain biking playground than it is a destination-oriented pedal.

Instead of covering ground, the goal here is to play! This massive expanse of slickrock is home to bowls, drops, dips, lips, and rock rollers, allowing creative mountain bikers to catch air, rip through bowls like a BMXer in a skatepark, or simply work on improving their bike handling skills on slickrock terrain.

You can make your ride on Bartlett Wash as hard or as easy as you’d like, and as long or as short as you’d like. This unique terrain has led Seth's Bike Hacks to dub this area "Nature's Skatepark." In fact, Seth is so stoked on Bartlett that he says it's "the most freaking awesome thing in the world." "As someone with little interest in structured riding, it’s a dream come true," he continues.

To get an idea of the creative lines you can put together in Bartlett Wash, be sure to watch [Seth's video]( The route mapped here is drawn as an out-and-back along the slickrock face, from the parking area to the end and back.

While you can choose to ride this route as mapped, if you want to get playful, keep your eyes open for creative and entertaining lines.

It’s all fair game! It’s fair game, that is, as long as you stay on the slickrock.

Don’t venture off the rock in this area, as you’ll damage the cryptobiotic soil.

But there’s plenty of rock ripping to be had, so enjoy! Sources: