A pedal-driven loop on Copper Harbor's famous "The Flow" Trail.


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The trail system at Copper Harbor was one of the first Ride Centers designated by IMBA.

With the Silver-Level Ride Center designation, Copper Harbor ranks among the very best mountain bike destinations in the world! The array of trails found in the hills at the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula offers an overwhelming array of ride opportunities.

From long up-and-down trail rides to burly shuttle runs served by a local commercial shuttle service, the riding here is radically more diverse than you'd generally expect from a remote trail system in the Midwest.

"The riding in Copper Harbor is REAL mountain biking and really does not compare with anywhere else in the Midwest… if you have ever been to nearby Mount Bohemia to ski or snowboard its 900' vertical drop, you know what we're talking about!" writes [CopperHarbor.org](http://www.copperharbor.org/activities-recreation/mountain-biking/).

"A series of rocky, undulating ridges and valleys punctuate Keweenaw County and are highlighted with old-growth forests, historic locations, pristine inland lakes and streams, mountain top vistas and rugged Lake Superior shoreline.

Singletrack trails wind over bedrock, cobbled rock, rooty, hard-packed surfaces with lots of climbs, technical descents, berms, rustic bridges and boardwalks, and a total lack of sand.

Constant elevation changes provide a Western-like riding experience and some riders have nicknamed it 'the BC of the Midwest.'" The route mapped here is just one example of an iconic pedal-driven loop through the network.

Begin from "downtown" Copper Harbor by climbing up the Garden Brook trail and Raptor's Ridge.

While some of the trails on this mountainside are shuttled, including the trails you're climbing, these are two of the best trails for ascending the ridgeline under your own power.

Once on top of the ridge, it's time for the main course: ripping down "The Flow," one of the most famous trails at Copper Harbor! The Flow features tons of swoop and flow running from the top of the ridge all the way back to town, courtesy of big berms and fun rollers.

Daisy Dukes is an optional offshoot of The Flow that provides the chance to grab a little air and work up to the bigger jumps on the other trails. Looking for more challenge? Then pedal back up the mountain and try your luck on the double black diamond jump line of Overflow! Sources: [CopperHarbor.org](http://www.copperharbor.org/activities-recreation/mountain-biking/) [CopperHarborTrails.org](https://copperharbortrails.org/trails)