The Bisse du Ro at Crans-Montana is one of the most spectacular suonen in the Valais. Parts of the path along the historic water pipe were recently renovated. A beautiful circular walk leads from Plans-Mayens via the Hotel Chetzeron back to Crans.


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The Bisse du Ro was built around the year 1361.

The water pipe brings the precious water to Montana, Chermignon, Lens and Icogne.

Since 1947, the water has been flowing through a safe tunnel at Mont Lachaux; the historic Bisse no longer carries water.

On their route, however, it is wonderful, and sometimes dizzying, to hike.

The Suonenweg meanders along rock faces, over narrow boards and footbridges - comfortably secured with wire ropes and railings.

The Bisse du Ro has been partially reconstructed in recent times and sections of the path along the historic water pipe have been restored.

Information boards document their history. At the wooden cross P.

1662 a path leads left to Pra du Taillour, Icogne and Lens.

However, we follow the path a little further to Er de Chermignon.

There the path forks again: to the left we go towards the Tseuzier and Mondralèche reservoirs; we follow the right path towards Er de Lens and Cry d'Er.

The ascent is very steep and several places through the rocks are secured with holding ropes, in places it takes a short hand to support them. A little below the cable car station Cry d'Er you reach flatter terrain again.

One could now walk to the mountain station in a few minutes and end the hike there and float comfortably down to Crans-Montana.

But we follow the way to the Hotel Chetzeron with wonderful views over to the Tseuzier reservoir.

At Hotel Chetzeron it is definitely worth stopping and resting on the magnificent sun terrace with its fantastic views.

The way to the middle station Merbé is only short then, who wants to hike completely down to Crans. equipment Normal hiking equipment.