The landmarks of Flims include the four mountain lakes Lag Prau Pulté, Lag Prau Tuleritg, Caumasee and Crestasee with their emerald green and turquoise waters.


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Lake Cauma has several underground drains and is fed underground by the neighboring lagoon Lag Prau Tuleritg.

The two lakes Lag Prau Tuleritg and Lag Prau Pulté are connected both underground and by an overflow.

Through the silver pastures and the vast spruce and fir forests in the block landscape of the Flims landslide, which surround the lakes, creates a magical world.

The 4-lake hike starts at the playground Flims Waldhaus and leads first to the bus stop "Flims Camping "along the main road, then north to the Laq Prau Pulté.

From there it goes back, past the Pultébach over the main road to the sports center Prau la Selva, then on comfortable ways to Lag Prau Tuleritg, to Lake Cauma and continue to the forest clearing Conn.

On the edge of the slope and on the observation deck "Il Spir" fantastic views open into the depths of the Rhine Gorge.

In northern direction you reach the Crestasee.

The hike continues through the impressive Felsbach Gorge.

On a narrow branch you get to the small viewing point directly above the roaring water.

Passing gnarled beech trees in Uaul Pign you will reach Flims Waldhaus again equipment Trekking shoes are recommended.

Clothes adapted to the weather (rain jacket/sun protection), drink, possibly catering, possibly walking sticks.