A very long and remote day that can be halved by staying in the Plan Glacier Hut









FATMAP difficulty grade



From Gruvaz at 1120m follow the well marked obvious 4WD track to the Chalets de Miages at 1559m.

Follow the path heading SE from there, heading to the L in ascent of the stream marked on the map as le Grand Pont, briefly heading SW at about 1730m, where it steepens, then SE and E again until about 2130m, where the path heads N.

Cross a stream and gain the moraine, following it up NE then zigzagging E.

At 2590m it meets another path from the L, then heads SE off the moraine, before then gaining another moraine, heading NE, to 2690, before heading R to the Plan Glacier Hut.

The day could be split here for acclimatisation.

Alternatively continue on up, making it a pretty big climb all the way to the Durier Hut.

From the Plan Glacier Hut follow the obvious path, descending slightly then rising, before crossing the Miage Glacier at about 2790m and crossing it, heading to an entry point onto the steep broken rocks, following a vague rib and red markers, to the Durier Hut at 3358m.