The easiest line up Mt Athabasca









FATMAP difficulty grade



The simplest route up Mt Athabasca requires only a small amount of glacial travel, and most a steep snow climb.

Due to the conditions though it is certainly more than just a scramble.

Conditions very, and poor navigation can have extreme consequence.

Training and experience managing avalanche and rock risk is strongly recommended.

The route follows the Ice Explorer bus road to the transition station.

Here, a trail snakes through the scree and talus up the side of Mt Athabasca.

Eventually you should see the tongue of the glacier just beneath the mountain.

The trail heads to a cliff band between this ice and Mt Athabasca.

The glacier is fairly benign, but still has a few crevasses .

Sticking to the sides is best.

The slope up the west side of Athabasca is steep, and often covered in snow.

Rockfall accidents have happened here fairly often, and this is a key risk to be aware of.

The climb is about 150m before breaking onto a less risky slope.

From here it follows along the ridge up over the false summit, past the narrowest section of the ridge, and too the summit.

The descent follows the ascent path.