This blue run is fun, flowing, and the easiest marked trail in the resort.


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After taking the lift to Les Ruinettes (2200m), the start of the track is signed to the left down a rocky track under the next lift.

Along the mountain road, after 30 seconds or so, you will see the starting gate of Tsopu on your left. Entering the trail as a beginner can be daunting as you turn right, left, right on high banked turns before hitting your first jump.

The landing of the tabletop jump sends you straight into another section of bermed turns followed by more bermed turns.

As you wind down the track, crossing what is the black piste during the winter, there are more gravel corners before you hit the first wooden wallride.

The track splits marginally, giving you the option of a wood jump over a small gap or a smoother line that you can manual through at pace.

Crossing the piste once again leads you to a speed bump followed by another tabletop jump.

A few more turns, and you can take a well-deserved break with your pals at a fire road crossing. The second section of the Blue is faster than the first.

Jump after jump, double after double, send you down the track at speed.

Corners tighten up before the red track joins from the left.

Continuing down, you need to knock off a bit of speed so you don't overshoot the doubles up ahead.

After landing the final double, the track bends left over a wooden ‘North-Shore’ section.

The trail nearly hits the mountain stream before turning left and winding its way parallel.

A few more corners through a deep channel keep you focused.

Look back up the track from the next fire road as your mates are getting loose on this twisty section. The last section is a montage of all the jumps up until now.

Follow the track down for the never-ending jumps section.

The jumps are packed in tight, so be careful not to go too fast and overshoot into the ones that follow.

The Blue ends at the golf course, where you can follow the track all the way back down to the lift.