2,000 metres of extremely technical downhill riding that has been used for European and Swiss Cup Downhill races!


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Tire's Fire is a world class level downhill track.

Starting from the start hut it immediately fires you into steep, washed out and tech rock berms.

Pick your line well as a many a rider has flatted here.

The trail continues with its direct route after a small bike park table.

There are multiple lines into rutted corners (high lines are always better), paying attention to pedals and lining your self up for the next turn.

This sends you down to the first major test: The rock chute. A blind entrance over a rock that can send fear into the timid.

Pick your line, hold on and hold on some more till you make it out into the catch berm which boosts you into a beautiful compression and series of berm to step up to 'oh my god' I am going fast section.

This is pure class. More sweeping turns that never really knock your speed off and get ROUGH before sending you off a mandatory drop.

Left side is bigger and has a gap but is buttery smooth.

Hit hyper speed on the run up to a well place cheese block booter on the rise.

Take the big one if you are pro(ish) or the smaller one still gives plenty enough float for your dollar.

Zip across to the fireroad and collect yourself.

An intense few minutes has just passed. Rolling into the famed berm section get ready for a top speed roller coaster ride that is mental fast, rough and tests the mind.

Big, rough berms connect well with some gaps and drops before you are reaching the limits of your suspension as are falling down the fall line into what appears to be a wall of trees.

Thread yourself into heavily rooted turns, stream gap(s) and then hold your breath as take the tight line and over the river gap (or go around if not ready yet).

Gather on fireroad. The next section is decidely less steep but speeds are high.

Light berms and a wooden booter send you at a million km an hr into a really tricky uphill berm to awkward rock gap before starting the flat traverse.

The flat traverse has lots of faetures to carry speed through and are just as tricky as their steeper counter parts.

Look ahead and react fast with plenty of natural gaps and doubles to aid you on your path.

Out onto the fireroad before dropping second right into the finish.

Steep, rocky and often blown out the track makes its way under the lift for all to watch you with a big, tough steep roll with much to distract and weaken your mind.

Across the road, over a few tables, take high line, lean into the right berm and down the final blind plummet before drifting into a right hander at the bottom of the fast piste.

You survived but you could definitely go faster! Another if you can still hol the bars.