Wouaiy (like the sound you make when you ride this trail) is the most complete 'Bike Park' trail that has a extremely natural feeling to it. Evolved from a simple taped out line that was WILD it is now Bike Crack. This trail must see more multiple repeats than any trail outside of Whistler's A Line! A must for the rider who wants a natural feeling track.


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A very steep roll in will put off those who are not confident.

This is good as while the trail is a Red there is way more to it than some other Red Bike Park trails.

Raw, rough and narrow at times with berms that are just in the right place to keep you on the hill side, this thing starts with a no holds barred style.

There will be dust flying as you zip across the hill and into the forest.

Here the corners come at you thick, fast and relentlessly.

Each one is its own little masterpiece and there is no auto pilot riding.

The odd jump and drop but for the most part, cornering, brake control and looking ahead are the key skills required.

Coming out to a fireroad you can let your forearms rest and gabber along about the close calls had.

It can be a polarising trail where not everybody is ready for it though...first thing in the morning, not warmed up, compression settings, rebound settings etc etc.

Wouaiy will find chinks in your armour BUT the next section starts treating you a little nicer.

An immediate drop into a semi hip jump, fast into woods with a little step up and natural berm have most screaming for joy! Over the road and into one of the best sections of track in Verbier.

Fast, safe, perfect berms and then drops and high speed jumps that have you feeling like you are flying through the tree canopy.

This continues with no let up untill you are forced to slow down for some barriers that signal the end of the trail.

Few stop here for very long as they want more of the same.