One of the best rock slab rips in British Columbia!


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Cream Puff follows "a long ridge of smooth slickrock with exciting, but very rideable, steep sections," according to Dirtbag on [](

This high-speed slab ride has grown famous as one of the best slickrock slab hits in British Columbia! With the nearby lines in Whistler and Squamish to compare it to, that's really saying something! The top of the trail begins on singletrack, before breaking out into the open and hitting the wide-open rock slabs.

Keeping your eyes on the trail could prove difficult, as you'll enjoy stunning views of Mount Currie all the way down the trail! In classic BC style, most of the slabs offer multiple line opportunities of various difficulties.

If it's your first time riding Cream Puff, it can sometimes be non-obvious how difficult the respective lines are.

If you can't spot the entire line or the exit before rolling in, be sure to scout the line in advance.

Sometimes the rock rolls will exit into a janky rock-filled chute that ratchets up the difficulty dramatically. Some of the optional lines on Cream Puff exceed the "Severe" rating shown here, and instead warrant a double black diamond rating...

or above.

Some of the lines here, such as Main Vein, are considered pro lines only. On the flip side, some of the B and C lines allow you to avoid the slabs entirely, but what's the fun in that?! Cream Puff can either be shuttled or ridden as a loop as mapped here.

Since the trail system in this area is so complex, several route varieties exist—this is just one recommendation.

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