A testing enduro course in the Leanachan Forest.


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As the name suggests, this route is a 10km loop at the base of the Nevis Range, in the heart of the Leanachan Forest.

The route is based on the popular “10 Under the Ben” endurance race, which sees riders completing as many laps of the course as possible.

After you’ve completed the loop, it’s easy to understand the appeal of doing it again and again!

 The trail starts at the Nevis Range car park.

The first section is singletrack, featuring many short climbs and descents, sure to get you in the mood for the testing course that lies ahead.

As you begin to head out of the woods, the landscape opens up and you get a stunning view right across the glen.

The trail becomes smoother, allowing you to get on the pedals and cruise your way around the first couple of kilometres.

Be aware of the streams that cross the track at several points.

The trail gradually gets wider, before leading on to a forestry road which brings you back in the direction of the Nevis Range base.

At this point the climbing starts, as you begin to head up the hillside, passing the Green Cats Eyes and Blue Adder trails.

Find a comfortable pace, as you’ll need to keep this up for quite a distance.

The trail flattens out as you pass under the World Cup Downhill track.

From here, the trail goes back to a natural single-track style, surrounded by bushes as you hurtle through the woods.

One final climb will get your quads burning and your heart beating, but the climb is quickly over and is made worth it by the section that follows.

There is a fast descent, featuring drops and long winding boardwalks. For an added challenge, take the optional section marked with a skull and crossbones on the signpost! This will take you down a steeper route, with a testing rock garden that spits you out in to a couple of rollers, dubbed “Nessie”.

Crossing over the river, you’ll arrive at the North Face car park.

From here, the 10 Under the Ben follows the same route as the Broomstick blue, winding its way through the woods, with several boardwalk sections.

You can begin to pick up the pace again here, as the route is fairly flat for the remainder of the trail.

You hug the edge of the Nevis Range car park, and finish by the main building at the centre.