This hike describes one of the most beautiful climbs to the Stuhleck. Along the Kaltenbach, climbing steadily over shady forest paths and finally through knee-high blueberry bushes to the summit. Not far from the summit, the Alois Günther House invites you to stop off and enjoy its famous cuisine.


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The Kaltenbachgraben is a popular summer and winter spot, but it is by no means an overcrowded ascent to the Stuhleck.

Along the Kaltenbach the path leads via the Karl-Lechner-Haus, which is open on weekends in summer, first in the woods.

Above this the forest thins out and after the tree line the vegetation decreases and blueberry bushes adorn the alpine pastures.

Shortly before the summit you pass the foundation walls of the Nansenhütte, which was the first alpine ski hut at Stuhleck in 1896.

Shortly after you reach the beautiful summit cross and with it the summit of the Stuhleck.

Here you can enjoy a particularly rewarding, distant view of Styria, Schneeberg, Rax and Schneealpe and Rosegger's Waldheimat. equipment Beside the alpine emergency equipment you have to bring a wind jacket and possibly warm clothes, at the summit the wind often blows quite strong.