A popular hike down from the peak past a traditional famers hut.


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You have two options from your starting point at the top of Scalottas at 2323mtrs.

The first is straight down under the chair to the walkers left, this can be a little steep.

The second is around the back of the restaurant and heading to the left when you have the option, this is a little easier.

Once on the wider access road your next point of interest is June Hutte.

June Hutte is an alpine hut built in the memory of a girl that loved Lenzerheide.

Once completed it was given to the town for everyone to enjoy.

June Hutte is a great place to have a cold drink in summer or a warm one in winter as the ski run goes straight by.

From here you make the stunning traverse back towards the Scalottas lift and over to Alp Fops.

Make sure you have you camera ready as photos opportunities present themselves regulary.

Depedning on the time of year you will be able see local wildlife including rabbits, marmots and deer aswel as local wild flowers.

Once you have reached Alp Fops it is worth it to pop your head inside and have a look around or sit down for some local meats and cheeses.

Alp Fops is one of the gems in the area.

From Fops you have two options.

The first being straight down the access road towards the Tganteini lift or take the road at the back of Fops and continue on a signed posted trail through the forest.

If you decided on the posted trail it is number 746 on the Lenzerheide hiking map.

If you take the second option and you feel like making a short cut take the sign to "Val Sporz".

This trail will take you to Hotel Guardaval where you can follow the main road back to the bottom of the Tganteini lift or re join the hike 746.