Cruisy skiing and breathtaking scenery in a nature reserve that is entirely outside the resort’s boundary.









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The village of Les Combes is snowbound and completely cut off from civilization in the winter.

Uninhabited in winter, you ski along the road past restored alpine chalets that now serve as holiday homes in the summertime.

To reach the nearest pick up point you continue along the road to the village of Puy Chalvin.

You need to organise transport in advance as there is no public transport back to Serre Chevalier from here.

The start of the run is from the summit of Serre Chevalier (Grand Serre chairlift).

Start on the Vallons blue run then drop right into the wild valley that forms part of the Partias nature reserve.

Choose your line and head towards the valley floor before bearing left and ending the run in some gently sloping fields that lead to the road.

Take care as there are a couple of rocky outcrops on the first slope.

In pure skiing terms, this run is perhaps not top level but you’re skiing the whole time in a nature reserve and the scenery is breathtaking.

Given the time the return trip in a car takes, this run is best done either at the end of your day’s skiing or as a one off when there’s no pressure to ski all day.

The same valley is also accessible from the Eychauda button lift.

The line you ski will be different though.