Meandering Green Perfect for Beginners


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"Apple Strudel" is a long meandering green located on the skiers left of the Merry-Go-Round restaurant at mid-mountain on Aspen Highlands.

This long run is perfect for beginners as it's length of 1000 vertical feet takes you from mid-mountain nearly all the way to the bottom.

As you enter this trail, it seems a bit narrow compared to other wider runs on the mountain, but its very flat pitch makes this tree lined run very calming.

As you work your way down the immediate sections of groomed trail, you will pass a break in the trees on skiers right.

Head out to the blue square "Memory Lane" or the green "Red Onion," or continue straight toward the next grouping of trees to stay on "Apple Strudel." The run will then make a long right hand turn, passing the junction of several trails before it turns again toward the trees skiers left.

Connect with "Troyer's Trail" to stay on greens all the way to the bottom of Highlands.