Perfect for people looking for a beginner trail connection between the lower Great Eastern and the Skye Ship Stage I base area.









Carpenter’s Run is a green connecting trail to Great Eastern from the very base of Cruise Control.

Only take this run if you plan to go all the way down to the Skyeship Stage I base area on Route 4 because once you commit to it, there is no going back uphill.

To access this location, go to the Needle’s Eye/Skye Ship Stage II base area and proceed past the gondola’s loading zone to skier’s right.

You will cross over the very bottom of Cruise Control.

There is no chance of gaining any kind of speed on this as it is extremely FLAT.

Snowboarders will all eventually have to boot out approaching the intersection with Home Stretch.

Proceed straight through the intersection to stay on Carpenter’s Run to the end on Great Eastern.

This trail gets varied light and is perfect for people looking to connect to lower Great Eastern on a beginner trail to get down to the Skyeship Stage I base area.