Connecting Roanoke to the NC/VA state line, this region of Blue Ridge Parkway showcases beautiful rural farmlands, Rocky Knob Picnic Area, and historic Mabry Mill.



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Spanning two states, the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) is the longest linear park in the United States, linking Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park along the NC/TN border.

The **Plateau Region** of the Blue Ridge Parkway connects Roanoke to the NC/VA state line, passing through an endless selection of beautiful and rural farmlands. On the northernmost leg of this segment, the best spot to park is at Coyner Mountain Overlook, just a short drive up from US-221 N/US-460.

Other nearby landmarks to start at include the Explore Park Visitor Center or Roanoke Mountain Picnic Area just a few miles south from the mapped start.

The [Blue Ridge Parkway Association]( also only lists six notable access points along this 111-mile stretch, so plan accordingly with water, food, and gear.

You will be far from help should something go wrong. If you need somewhere to leave a vehicle while you depart for a multi-day ride, consider contacting the Explore Park Visitor Center at (540) 427-1800 Ext.

221, for the most up to date information and recommendations. Along this section, overlooks are spread further apart, though expansive farmlands will begin to fill the horizon as you head further south.

Mabry Mill is also located at milepost 176.2.

Wikipedia describes it as "a tourist attraction mainly for the picturesque views of the mill itself." A short trail leads "visitors to view the gristmill, sawmill, and blacksmith shop," and "during peak seasons, demonstrations of crafts are given by National Park Service volunteers at Mabry Mill," they continue. Other than the aforementioned Explore Park Visitor Center, there are two others on this 111-mile stretch of roadway: Rocky Knob (weekends only, per the NPS), and the Blue Ridge Music Center near the state line.

The only notable camping along the roadway is Rocky Knob at milepost 169.

Smart View Picnic Area and Mabry Mill both have restrooms. *Milepost 106 - Milepost 217* [Click here to view bicycling regulations on the Blue Ridge Parkway]( Sources: [National Park Service]( [Blue Ridge Parkway Association]( [Wikipedia](