A big long chute off of KT-22









Chute 75 starts off of the top of KT-22, turn right off of the chair, pass to the left of the patrol shack and proceed straight.

It is between Moseley's and Rock Garden.

There is an alternate entry that comes in from left that is reached by starting down Rock Garden's right side and bearing right into another chute that merges with Chute 75.

The entry can be scraped off and icy.

Chute 75 becomes more of a chute about half way down and big bumps will form here.

Chute 75 parallels Moseley's and is steeper and narrower than Moseley's, so if you want to exit, you can traverse right thru the trees to Moseley's or further to the West Face Alternates.

It is one of the toughest main runs at Squaw Valley on the trail map.

Anywhere else this would be a double black diamond.

You can get to Headwall chair by bearing left on a traverse towards the bottom below the cliff.