This hike is suitable for pushchairs! Between Fidaz and Flims is a children's playground with a beautiful view of Flims.


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Flims and surroundings is a must for nature lovers.

The Flims landslide not only created the sunny plateau, but also the wild Rhine Gorge and the crystal-clear bathing lakes Cauma, Cresta and Laax.

The Romance language is one of the hallmarks of the region.

An equally entertaining and informative educational trail leads from the Foppa chair lift station via Spaligna to Scheia and Fidaz.

The panels are of course kept in Romansh and German.

With the chairlift we reach Foppa, the starting point of the hike.

On forest trails it goes from there to Spaligna and continue along the trail to Scheia.

After a short while, you reach the Romanesque nature trail, which accompanies us to Scheia.

Worth knowing about the area and its language we learn on various signs.

At Spaligna, Prau Palusa and Crap da Sigls, the hike crosses dry meadows of national importance.

The Flimserstein and the niche at the Alp Nagens are the origin of the great Flims landslide.

The demolition edge was defined as the borderline to the UNESCO World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona.

In Scheia there is the possibility to buy from various organic farmers.

Then we continue to Fidaz, past the restaurant, and down to Flims. equipment Take rain jacket with you