Tseuzier is a region at the top of the valley, not far from the peaks of the Bernese Alps. Even if the weather is beautiful everywhere else in the Rhône valley, there are chances that you could get caught in a cloudburst coming from the other side of the mountain.


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To roughly summarize the meteorological aspect, one could say that if it passes a cloud, it rains.

To do this, in doubtful weather, you have to go there in the morning, by car or by post bus.

The tour of the lake is an easy hike, almost horizontal, but still oscillating on an 80-metre drop, without much risk.

However, the tour takes one to two hours.

You will pass through the earthen seawall of Pro Rion before arriving on the rocky spur where, towards the building, you will find explanations on the hydroelectric complex of Tseuzier - Lienne.

Then you will pass over the top of the concrete dam.

Down there, it's 156 meters of air draft.

Then you will take the path along the mountainside to reach the back of the lake where you can see the water gushing out of the rock through huge springs that the elders had named "Les Loquess".

Then you will see the water intake of a bisse.

It is the bisse of Zion.

You will follow him until he continues under cover in the path by which you will find your starting point.

(DR) Equipment Good walking shoes. As the weather changes rather quickly at high altitude, it would be better to bring an extra layer of warm clothing.