A long southern exposure classic









The old gondola's 16th tower was located at the top of this run, hence the name.

As you ride up the Funitel you will pass right over this run, so it's easy to check out on the way up.

It is a popular powder and spring conditions run.

It can have large moguls top to bottom.

From the base of the Baileys Beach chair follow the Mountain Run for a very short distance until you see an opening in the rope line on your left.

Keep your speed and follow the groomed road on the ridge past Packers and Malibu to a road on your right that crosses underneath the Broken Arrow chair.

The run starts as you pass under the Funitel at the end of the road.

Follow the obvious run fall line to Sunnyside below.

Watch for rocks in the hourglass section about 1/2 way down.

You can also access it from the Broken Arrow chair when it runs by turning right off the top of Broken arrow, You will be a few hundred yards above the main run and can ski fall line to it.