Steep Tree run


Analysing terrain data








Take a left at the top of Summit and head toward the Solbright trail, you will pass through a fence and everything to your left is the Headwall forest.

This is a great place to look for secret powder stashes and some great steep tree skiing.

Be careful when you are in the forest though, because a couple hidden obstacles exist.

Be aware of your speed though here because it is easy to pick up.

If you feel like you came here and want an easy out, there is a traverse half way down that will give you a quick way back to the main groomers rather than dump you at the lake.

Take your time in here and find a safe route through the forest, many moguls and rocks are hard to manage when the terrain is steep.

Near the bottom when you exit the forest, keep your speed up for the long flat traverse that brings you around the lake and back to Dynamite.