A steep fun slope to do off the back side of 7th Heaven towards the Showcase T-Bar









FATMAP difficulty grade



Prime Rib has a high and low entrance.

The high one is accessible by walking up from the first sharp hairpin corner of the blue run, Crystal Traverse.

Give yourself a head start and take as much speed as you can from the top of the Horstman T-Bar/7th Heaven, down the narrow blue road and instead of following it around, and use your speed to take yourself up the hill.

Then you can take your skis/board off and walk to the bottom of the ridge in front of you.

Prime Rib is this nice steep pitch to your left.

Beware of traverse lines from the lower entrance.

The low entrance is accessible without walking up and simply starts at the point the blue run Crystal Traverse hairpins back towards the T-Bar track.

Drop in here or traverse across a bit towards the large rock/boulder.

Any of this pitch is good although it is often large bumps rather than a powder run.

Towards the bottom of the pitch, as it shallows out by the Showcase piste, there can often be avalanche and/or cornice debris.