Less steep line off Harmony Ridge into Harmony Bowl


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Kaleidoscope is a line off Harmony Ridge offering a less challenging drop in and slope gradient in comparison to the Harmony Horseshoes.

Good snow can be found here on a powder day! You will see the access point to Kaleidoscope well marked off the Harmony Ridge groomer on your left hand side.

This line is not all that long and links up with the groomed Krummholz down below in Harmony Bowl.

From here, you can continue onto the mogul run below known as Lower McConkey's or traverse over to Boomer Bowl or Gun Barrels.

If you are trying to get a feel of the more advanced terrain in the Harmony zone, this is a good line to start off with as your intro to the Harmony Ridge area.

Kaleidoscope is popular for good reason, but this area is wide open and you will hardly notice others around you.