This Marmot path will lead you in the footsteps of Crans-Montana's mascot. A walk to discover at your leisure.


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In the Crans-Montana region, the marmot is the country's mascot.

The portion of the territory it has colonized most is the Cry d'Er, Bellalui, Tsa Bona, Col de Pochet, south face of the Tubang, Cabane des Violettes, Pépinet, Houlès.

It is in this area that the animal has adapted best to human pressure.

This apparently did not affect the species: with everyone marching by (pedestrians, skiers, cars, groomers, bicycles, cable transport, cattle summering), the groundhog is still there, and very present.

In this region, she goes about her business while having a very close attention to what is happening around her: the arrangement of her eyes allows her to see the half sphere above her head in almost its entirety except for a very tapered dead cone on the back.

It is quite difficult to surprise her.

Her high sensitivity to oscillations from the ground gives her fairly reliable information about what might approach, when she has not yet seen anything coming.

Between Cry d'Er and the Cabane des Violettes, along the path, it is the most suitable place for her.

The slope of the land is quite steep, which means that the soil absorbs a large amount of energy related to its exposure to the sun.

As a result, heat is available until very late in the evening and already early in the spring.

It is an area of sparse scree, where there is no shortage of hiding places.

Each large stone is a watch point for parents, both to watch over the frolics of young people and to see the fox, man or eagle coming from afar.

From a food point of view, there is what you need: the grass is tender, abundant and varied.

And here and there, underneath some limestone block, water flows from small springs.

Upon arrival at the Violettes cabin, several options are available for the rest of your hike.

You can either return to the resort with the cable car or go down the path crossing the Pépinet mountain pasture.

There you will find yourself facing the highest peaks of more than 4,000 metres in the Alpine massif.

On the far right the highest dome is the Mont Blanc, then when you come back on the left you have the Grand Combin, straight ahead it is the crown of the five 4'000 Anniviers with at the back the Matterhorn, a black square to the left of the Dent Blanche.

Further to the right, Monte Rosa, and the Mischabel chain.

The descent ends in Vermala, from where public transport leaves to return to your pied-à-terre or your car. Equipment Good walking shoes. As the weather changes rather quickly at high altitude, it would be better to bring an extra layer of warm clothing.