Hiking terrain on Gum Wall.


Analysing terrain data








Trident is part of the Gum Wall, this is hiking terrain and not a leisurely hike, it is steep and difficult, it is recommended for a seasoned hiker/skier only! Standing from the Deep Water bowl looking up to the left of Direct there is a ridge with a couple chutes.

Trident is the second chute over.

Generally these are not open till later in the season, but check with patrol to see if they are open and do not hike them if you do not know! It is a steep 20-40 minute hike depending on your aerobic athletic ability.

You will hike from the Deep Water bowl, but if you know you are going to ski these then it is best if you don’t ski the Deep Water bowl and traverse directly under the cliffs to shorten the hike.

Start your climb, you will ski the chute you hike up so keep the boot pack close to the rocks.