Short, not overly steep and quiet line through the trees









Little Cub is the other tree line located to the right of Renegade, with the Big Easy Terrain Garden sitting in between.

Access this run by continuing on Easy Out just a little way past the entrance to the Terrain Garden, taking a left at the grouping of trees found next door.

This run, as with Renegade (as they are very similar), is often overlooked due to it's location in proximity to a designated learning area and slow zone.

As a result, you will hardly ever find this run crowded, and the powder found in these trees will last a lot longer than other nearby areas around the mountain.

Trees here are well-spaced out and the line itself is not overly steep, as well as being short in length, dropping you back off near the end of the Big Easy Terrain Garden, allowing you to hit a few hits in on their selection of small jumps, boxes and rollers.