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The top area of Lookout Mountain can be very windy, but on a good day holds a beautiful view of the Canadian Rockies with the Monarch in the distance straight ahead.

This bowl is not massive, but large enough to hold fresh snow for a long time.

Here's how you find it.

Descend from the Great Divide Quad or start from the Angel Express Quad.

Head toward the Bowl, the entrance is obvious.

Enter the bowl and ascend keeping left.

You can follow this all the way around to Noir Piste, but usually you will find good pow in the center.

The first pitch is usually heavily mogul-ed but the further you get into this bowl the fresher it gets.

If the powder is fresh you might want to head here first.

Descend to the bottom of the bowl.

Head left to meet up with the Great Divide Quad or head right to head to the upper village.