Fantastic in fresh snow.


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This itinerary starts from the ridge of the Fée 5 red run.

This is a big face and the itinerary is marked out when it's open.

You can see the first section of the descent down to the Fée 2 blue run as it crosses from the top.

Even decline, wide and great fun! Beware as you hit the end as there can be a drop onto the road (Fée 2 piste) at the bottom.

The second half of this itinerary is harder to navigate and not one to get wrong! There are large cliffs to the skier's right of this with no exit.

You may well see tracks going both left and right; the official itinerary goes skier's left, but there is a way through to the right - just not over the rocks marked on the piste map in the middle.

This is a fantastic itinerary with lots of natural features including a natural half pipe. The itinerary finishes in the Thuit valley.