A very short black diamond for bored but still lively skiers going back to Cervinia through the No.5 track.


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Following the track number 5 coming from Plain Maison and through Plan Torrette, you will overtake the start of Pancheron lift.

After about 150/200 metres keep your left and follow the 5 bis variant.

This track leads towards the end of the classic No.5 and it's a challenging short downhill that sometimes has moguls.

Pay attention to the very end of the track, where it links to the No.5, because people come fast from your right side and - also - the connecting of the runs is separated by a torrent.

If there is not enough snow, the shock is hard and if you are carrying speed to go though the flat section of the other track coming from your right, you may hit hard the ground.

Dampen with your legs and push hard, you are almost in town just in time to drink something with your friends.