A mostly wide and gentle blue run that is fantastic as long as it isn't windy.


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Starting off as a linking path between Villeneuve and Monêtier, the interesting part of the Eychauda run starts just past the top of the chairlift of the same name.

After an almost flat section that runs alongside an artificial lake, the run widens out and steepens enough to be perfect for early parallel skiers and those moving towards carving.

In peak periods it is not uncommon to have the piste divided into two along its length, with the left side reserved for slower skiers and snowboarders and the right side left for those in more of a hurry.

This piste can be among the coldest in the resort if the wind is blowing hard from the north.

It rushes up the slope threatening to push you backwards on occasion, so if you can avoid it on really windy days then do so.

If you’re into off-piste, look above to the left and right and salivate over the two faces that can be awesome on their day.