The tour around Lake Mattmark is a popular circular hike with high alpine flair. The trail is also a good alternative to asphalted roads for joggers and bikers.


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The circular walk around the Mattmark reservoir is a popular trail that offers high-Alpine flair.

The path that leads up the right side of the reservoir can accommodate pushchairs, and the circular trail is also great for joggers and cyclists, offering a change from tarmac roads. At the far end of the reservoir is the Distelalp, from where the Monte Rosa Tour continues up over the Monte Moro Pass (past the Golden Madonna) to Macugnaga. The reservoir was inaugurated in 1969, and its waters conceal many historical tales and dramatic legends. Beneath the waters, for example, lies the second-ever hotel to be built in the Saas Valley (Hotel Mattmark), built and run by tourism pioneer Father Johann Josef Imseng, as does the former Distelalp, with its few huts. Legend has it that the priest, hotelier and mountain guide Father Johann Josef Imseng was drowned in the Mattmark, which at that time was a natural glacial lake, by jealous and fearful locals in 1869.

There were no witnesses, and the only evidence was his corpse, found in the lake. #Note(s)# There is a good exhibition on the Mattmark reservoir in the restaurant. Pay attention to the Postbus bus timetable. *¶ So lake ¶ Saas-Fee/Saas Valley Tourism Obere Dorfstrasse 2 3906 Saas-Fee Phone: +41 (0)27 958 18 58 E-mail: Homepage: Restaurant Mattmark 3910 Saas-Grund Tel.

0041 27 957 29 06 E-mail: Homepage: equipment * Good footwear * Weather dependent clothing: always carry a waterproof jacket with you. * Headgear * Sun protection * Water bottle * provision/food * Binoculars (optional) * Camera * Hiking poles (optional) * Map/ printout of the trail (click on "Print" to download) * First aid kit