On this circular route, which can also be walked with a pram, you can see some of the sights and villages of the Saas Valley. On the way there are several bus stops, which also shorten the tour.


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This pretty trail covers a number of the Saas Valley's sights and villages, and can also accommodate pushchairs, as it is a gravelled path.

There are several bus stops en route and points where hikers can leave the trail, which allow its duration to be shortened. The trail starts at the Saas-Balen village square and leads westwards towards the round church.

Here, it branches off in a southerly direction up the valley until it arrives at the Saaser Vispa river.

Hikers then follow the river to the hamlet of Biedermatten, which belongs to Saas-Balen but seems to be part of Saas-Grund.

Beautiful moorland runs along the right-hand side of this part of trail. Just above the bridge in Biedermatten there is a fire pit for barbecues.

The path then continues through the old hamlet and over the meadows to the next bridge, which crosses over to Tamatten, a hamlet that is part of Saas-Grund.

Those with pushchairs are advised to cross the bridge at Biedermatten, keep to the path that follows the Saaser Vispa river, and then cross back over to the right-hand side of the valley at Tamatten.

Keeping to the right-hand side of the river, the trail then continues past Saas-Grund and arrives at the road that leads to Saas-Fee.

The path crosses over the road and continues to the Kapellenweg campsite, where hikers have the option to branch off and follow the Chapel Trail to Saas-Fee (the Chapel Trail is not suitable for pushchairs). Those who continue along the trail pass the next hamlet of Unter den Bodmen and follow the river along a woodland path to Saas-Almagell. #Note(s)# Pay attention to the Postbus bus timetable. *¶ So lake ¶ Saas-Fee/Saas Valley Tourism Obere Dorfstrasse 2 CH- 3906 Saas-Fee Phone: +41 (0)27 958 18 58 E-mail: info@saas-fee.ch Internet: www.saas-fee.ch Bus terminal Saas-Fee CH- 3906 Saas-Fee Phone: 0041 27 58 454 26 16 E-mail: wallis@postauto.ch Internet: www.postauto.ch/wallis equipment * Fitting footwear * Weather dependent clothing: always carry a waterproof jacket with you. * Headgear * Sun protection * Water bottle * Camera * Hiking poles (optional) * Map/ printout of the trail (click on "Print" to download)