The original Moore Fun loop route.


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Second only to Horsethief Bench, Moore Fun is the highest-acclaimed technical mountain bike trail in the popular Kokopelli Loops Trail System.

This renowned stretch of singletrack is a worthy goal for the advanced mountain biker looking for a challenge in Fruita! While Horsethief Bench somehow still gets most of the tech cred, only the initial drop in off the rim is truly, brutally technical.

In contrast, Moore Fun is technical throughout—both up and down the mountain.

And if you ride the original route as mapped here, you’ll maximize the tech both on the climb and the descent. To get to Moore Fun, take the classic Mary’s Trail along the rim, and then climb up the mesa to reach the beginning of Moore Fun.

Moore Fun itself begins with a wicked climb up tall ledges as it ascends the hillside.

Shortly, you’ll reach a split in the trail with the option to keep climbing or traverse across the hillside instead on the newer Lower Moore Fun trail.

That option is mapped under “[Moore Fun Loop: Newer Version](,-108.8516506,7179.0981086,-26.9047201,0,1594.4659674,normal)” and while it is, of course, a great route as well, didn’t we say something about maximizing the gnar? From the split, the climb only gets steeper and more technical.

While many sections that don’t look rideable are indeed passable with some practice, other tight switchback turns with massive uphill ledges in the middle will thwart most mountain bikers.

As you near the top of the ridge, the views of the area open up, providing stunning 360-degree vistas! Keep your eyes on the trail, though, as the final grunt is still technical and challenging.

Once at the top, pause to drink in the scenery—you earned it! From here, you can also pick out many of the other trails in the Kokopelli Area network, and can visualize other ride possibilities for the future. Now, it’s time for your reward! The upper section is chunky and fast, but there are few major features here.

Instead, the descent consists of high speed rock gardens and small ledge drops. After you pass the other end of Lower Moore Fun, the technicality ratchets up another level! From here, the trail plummets down gnarly slickrock slabs and into steep rock gardens, with optional ledge drops presenting themselves at intervals.

The occasional punch-in-the-gut climb will keep you honest, but the climbs that swing back up the hillside inevitably deliver you to a delicious slab of rock to bomb back down! Compared to the slickrock slab riding found in nearby Moab, Moore Fun is respectable but not exemplary.

But compared to the relatively non-technical riding found in the Fruita/Loma area, Moore Fun is a delightful thrill and change of pace.