An incredibly-scenic intermediate-friendly ride through the Kokopelli Loops.


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While many of the trails in the Kokopelli Trails network are chunky and challenging, this loop combining Mary’s, Steve’s, and Wrangler’s is designed to be rideable for most intermediate riders. Caveat lector: this route is quite moderate and flowy in most places, but this is *still* the Grand Valley.

By Grand Valley standards, Mary’s gets a “green” rating on some trail maps, but it’s in no way a green trail! Ledges and rocks throughout the trail will provide plenty of challenge, even for intermediate riders.

Above and beyond the average intermediate+ level of challenge, some sections *still* exceed and will force most riders to walk. However, if you can brave some rocky challenge and walk a few short sections, you’ll be rewarded with one of the best-pedaling loops in the Grand Valley! Mary’s winds along a stunning rock rim high above the Colorado River, providing some of the most iconic views in the region! In fact, Mary’s is one of the OG Fruita trails, and the iconic vista of the trail and river has been featured in magazines and on websites around the world. Connect from Mary’s to Steve’s for even more stunning rock rim riding.

The singletrack along the rim is fast and flowy, allowing you to open up the legs and scream along this almost completely flat trail! The short climb from the rim up to the top of Wrangler’s will reward you with a fantastic new-school singletrack descent! Wrangler’s has seen radical upgrades with the addition of new stretches of fantastic singletrack in spring 2019.

The new singletrack offers a flowy switchback descent down the hillside, gorgeous traversing with expansive views of the river and trails below, and a swoopy rip back to the parking lot to finish!