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Organised by Dark Peak Fell Runners, the Burbage Skyline is held annually in early May. The start is the same as last year, by the stone pillars along the main bridleway from the mini Toad’s Mouth car park – about 10 minutes from the Fox House Pub.

The first km is the most straightforward – straight up the path to the first marshal, and then a turn west uphill along a stream up to the edge.

From here it is relatively flat all the way to Upper Burbage Bridge but the rocks mean that this is far from straightforward.

It is essential (and a condition of the race licence) that runners stick to the path to avoid erosion. There are 2 easy river crossings at Upper Burbage Bridge before the route turns south, and the toughest climb of the day up to Higgar Tor.

Run along the western edge all the way to the southern tip, around the marshal and follow the southern edge around to the next marshal, before dropping back down, and run to the corner of the sheepfold. Now, it’s a direct westward run along the Right of Way "path" – but this is very rough and boggy going (Dark Peakers will be very happy!) Head for the marshal then it’s a short, sharp ascent up to Carl Walk Hill Fort – over the other side and follow the main path (and bog) on a fast descent to the river crossing (which could be pretty interesting if it’s in spate).

From there is a short way to the main path and a smooth run in to the finish!