A sporty and playful freeride run.









Blazing Star is a sporty and playful freeride run that starts at the bottom of Dipsy, and can also be combined with the Dipsy Headwall that is above it.

This narrow run has a series or two or three tight roll overs that are generally formed into jumps by the locals.

These first three jumps are right under the lift and generally provide a "hollywood" experience for onlookers.

After the series of jumps, this run flats out significantly.

Keep your speed if you'd like to continue to the near vertical headwall that this run culminates in, or head off to the skier's left to enjoy the bottom half of Pussyfoot, an easy Black Diamond.

Blazing Star, which is famed by locals for it's near vertical headwall that lies right underneath the Ajax Express lift, is the sight of many great aerial manoeuvres, a small cliff drop on skier's right is separated by a tree island from a bigger, flatter and more straightforward feature.

Fear not, there is plenty of room for skis on the descent.

This section is short, but sweet.