Ridge riding for experienced skiers









FATMAP difficulty grade



Riding down slope nº15 to Parsennhütte there is a little Bar on your right after Meierhoftälli chairlift, just go through and go around the left side of the artificial lake.

From there walk up the west ridge of Totalphorn (2553m).

It is an easy rocky ridge which will take you around 20 to 30 minutes to hike up.

Once on the top you will see Meierhoftälli chairlift (lower right), the creek going down to the valley (lower right) and a ridge on the other side of the creek.

Heads up for wind snow layers in this area and some crusty areas as well.

Ride down till the ridge starts and then splits.

The line turns to the left side of the narrow ridge all the way down.

Watch out for cornices, especially in the right side.

Ride the ridge till the end and then start traversing right on the flat area between the trees and rocks.

There is another creek with a stream on your left- ski out to your right, traversing towards the slope to get to Wolfgang station and get a ride back to Davos.