The classic extreme hairball cornice/chute run









South Headwall is the first run you hit on the Cirque, and the location where the sled leaves you off.

This is the place to take that cornice jump into powder like you’ve always dreamed of.

The cornices of the Cirque are well maintained by the resort ski patrol.

Because it is somewhat wider than the rest of the chutes and is the easiest to access, it can be more tracked up.

Snow at the top of the Cirque can be windblown and crusty, with creamier snow below in the trees.

But it faces northwest and takes the brunt of the wind, so the snow often gets stripped off quickly.

There is no cell phone service back here, so be prepared to survive - as if venturing into the backcountry and never go alone.

It’s an eye-popping view from the top, so bring your Go Pro.

This footage ought to impress your friends! The Cirque elevation is 12,600’, dropping an intense 2,060’ during the descent! The Cirque traditionally opens mid- to late-January because of the extensive preparation to make it safe for the public.

You can enjoy amazing views up here!