A local's favourite run on the Lift 1A side of the mountain.


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This is the local's favourite run on the Lift 1A side of Aspen Mountain and a great day skiing the expert terrain here isn't complete without a handful of hot laps on this perfect north facing run.

Skier's right allows for an airy entrance that drops away quickly, providing the skier with a thrill and the rush of uncertainty about achieving a smooth landing, as you sail over a few bushes on the take off.

However, the perfect chalk on this north facing run makes the next series of steep turns as you work the gully shaped run go by in a flash.

It's even more incredible if you can catch this favourite on a fresh powder morning- you will not be disappointed.

Beware of too much speed on the runout; moguls lie in wait as well as a moderate compression before you hit the Tower Ten Road below.

For a different view of this run, take the far skiers left line on tree line.

Softer snow usually stays here longer than in the middle or skeirs right side of the gully.

It also provides a nice fall line pitch without the steeper entrance.