In the area of Virgen de las Nieves, we find this piste which goes from Águila to Maribel.









In the area of Virgen de las Nieves we find this piste that goes from Águila to Maribel.

From the top section of the Virgen de las Nieves chairlift, go to the left and find the Águila piste which crosses with Copa del Mundo.

The first part is a great piste for the race team to train on, if they go from the chair lift to the Puerta Elvira crossing path to get back to chairlift, or the Directa crossing path to the Borreguiles area.

If you see the poles and the panels please, do not interrupt them, this piste is closed for private training.If it is open to the public, it is a great piste.

The second part, after the crossing path, goes down to the village.

If Águila is a piste that bends, then the main characteristic of this piste is that it goes straight; so you can see beyond and you can go faster.

It is regular and wide as well as steep, which allows you to run with control.

After a good snow fall, between Águila and Copa del Mundo, you find some fun tubes and natural half pipes to jump and play.

Please slow down at the end of the piste as you join with Maribel Blue run and you don’t want to crash with someone.

Ramp: 340 m Length: 1219 m Surface: 45347 m2