Fun north facing steeps









From the top of Headwall, make the 180 degree left turn and head down the ridge, bear right past some snow fencing, making sure to not head down the chair line to the Headwall Face.

You will see the old Cornice II chair top station on your left as you head down.

Stay on the ridge bearing right (don't turn left after seeing Cornice II) and continue to follow the ridge down a flatter somewhat rolling section.

The end of the Sun Bowl traverse will come in from your right and the Horse Trails will be on your left.

There is one main run that is sometimes groomed or you can drop in more to the left for some variety and more off piste options.

If this looks too steep continue on to the Bullet a little further down the ridge.

Watch the breakover near the bottom as it can be a rocky transition.

Carry your speed out and right back towards the Mountain Run when it flattens towards the bottom.