Hiking on old paths is the motto of this trail. The path leads through the old village hamlets of Saas-Grund near the road to Saas-Balen.


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The Old Valley Trail runs close to the valley road between Saas-Grund and Saas-Balen, which was once heavily used since it was the only route through the valley. The trail starts at Saas-Grund's village square, where the church once stood next to the cemetery.

Today, the tower is all that still remains of the old church.

From there, the former valley road passes through the hamlet of Gasse, past the artificial ice rink to "Unter dem Berg" and on to the Holy Trinity Chapel, built in 1735.

The route continues through the old Tamatten and on to Biedermatten, where there is a turn-off to St.

Anthony's Chapel (built 1692), dedicated to the Holy Family.

The trail continues along above the road via the Meiggerli to Saas-Balen. #Note(s)# Make sure you plan enough time for the hike and be sure to wear sturdy walking shoes and good outdoor clothing. A church and chapel guide is available from all tourist offices in the Saas Valley.

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