A short but very interesting run with long steep corners to short meandering trails. Great for any keen skier or snowboarder.


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The top section here is mainly short turns with flat exits, whichever way you come from as this piste is split into two.

Meandering down for around 1.5 km until they meet, and again split for a further 300m.

This area is a steep yet wide section and is often used as a small off-piste powder section.

After this a 500m section of the pistes is again one track, quite flat but a high speed is obtainable.

Again the piste splits, heading right will be a long wide cat track heading towards the other lifts and pistes- great for a 10 minute cruise.

Heading left however will lead you into a steep valley with short corners and thin piste, although surrounded by an easy access off-piste or free-ride area.

Leading back to the Riffelbahn 1 lift.

You will continue for another 2.5km of wide piste.

Perfect for a cruise or excellent for freestyle as there is a steep top section to the right with powder bowls and trees.

There are two large rollers in the second section which are steeper to the left, so stay right.

You will arrive at the Maasbahn lift.

(One of my favourite runs- enjoy!)