A massive loop ride with essentially no doubling back through the Kokopelli Loops network.


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



The Kokopelli Loops trail system is one of the most beautiful, most diverse mountain bike networks in the region! Where 18 Road can sometimes feel like a one-trick pony, the diversity of the Kokopelli Loops is truly impressive.

Here, you’ll find everything from iconic rock rim traverses high above the stunning Colorado River to brutally-technical enduro descents. While the singletrack here spans for miles, many of the iconic ride options may feel a bit too short or too granular for true endurance mountain bikers.

So to satiate your desire for a true all-day ride, this route links together many of the best trails in the Kokopelli Loops into one big ride with essentially zero doubling back! The one notable trail that this loop misses is [Moore Fun](https://fatmap.com/routeid/958457/Moore_Fun_Loop:_OG_Version/@39.1838552,-108.8823505,11566.1928420,-89.9999999,0,1384.9633676,normal), which can easily be added in with a dirt road connection or swapped for Wrangler's.

Instead of Moore Fun, the route as mapped here follows the Wrangler’s Trail back to the main trailhead, giving this route a cross country bias instead of an enduro bias. Despite that so-called "cross country bias," the average technicality of these trails coupled with some serious crux moves on Horsethief and extended sections of gnar on Lion’s still earns this route a “severe” rating.

The miles don't come easily here at the Kokopelli Loops, so this 33-mile ride may just take up the majority of your day!