Diagonal above the lake Balsa that takes you from Borreguiles to the Loma Dílar area.


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Beginning at Rio, to the left you will find this path which bends around the lake taking you to the Montebajo chairlift.

This is a flat path and you should maintain speed; the faster you go, the farer you go, and the less you have to walk.

Half way down the path there is a counterslope, but if you walk on for a few minutes you will find a way down to the lift very soon.

Be careful with the lake; the run is wide enough but try to not get close to the border, there is no protection. If you want to change from Borreguiles area to Loma Dílar, there are different options, but this one is the fastest.

You can also take this path if you want to go down to the village by the black runs in the Fuente del Tesoro section.

Just take the path and the lift and you have all black pistes to the right. Ramp: 50 m Length: 714 m Surface: 8563 m2