The very classic Teodulo freeride slope is one of the most known and haunted off-piste run.









FATMAP difficulty grade



From the piste which connects Plateau Rosa to Bontadini area, drop in towards the E (towards Cervinia and Plain Maison).

Before entering beware of the wind slab that could exist at the entry, this could obviously cause a very dangerous avalanche pushing you onto the rocks below.

In critical conditions or if you are the first rider to drop in, consider following the right hand line which is more secure than the left one.

If no windslab is present consider the following the center of the channel but if there are some rocks staying on the right side will be an easier route, very enjoyable and not too steep.

But if there isn't much powder don't go too far rightwards because you could find some hidden rocks underneath the snow.

If you stay on the left hand side the slope is steeper, but again don't stray too far left as you might find some hidden rocks again. From the middle of the run, keep some speed (less important if you are heading down the left side of the channel) to reach the piste connection towards the pistes 6 and 47: they will lead you to the beginning of the Fornet express chair and back uphill (through Bontadini express chair) for another ride.The Teodulo (Theodul Pass in German) is a classic and very enjoyable ride, the residents always go there to destroy the powder before to go to other less known spots.

We love to let the boards and skis fly fast over the powder, feeling that floating sensation that every passionate freerider knows.