A moderate Skjomen classic with fantastic views and good skiing


6 - 7









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Gagnesaksla is a popular ski tour in the region, for good reasons - moderate terrain, fast access, good skiing and fantastic views over the 25 sq km Frostisen plateau glacier, one of the larger ones in Norway.

The tour starts in Skjombotn, about 1 hour's scenic drive from Narvik into Skjomen Fjord - one of the most spectacular fjords in Norway.

Plan more time for driving, as photo stops are almost inevitable (and the light is best early in the day).

When you get to Skjombotn, park either along the main road, or drive until the end of the small road branching of to the left - but it is good courtesy to ask the house owner for permission to park. The tour first goes up a tractor road, and then leads into a forested area.

At around 460m you can cross the river.

Late in spring, crossing may involve some looking for a suitable snow bridge.

Relatively gentle, open terrain follows, taking you to a ramp.

Follow the ramp - higher up some sections slightly exceed 30 degrees.

Finally, the route then wraps around the steeper summit slopes.

On the summit you have tremendous views to Frostisen (1724 m) and its plateau glacier, and several other stunning summits.

Just take good care and stay well aware from the edge on the NW aspect - there are cornices and steep walls below! Follow the same way down - there are many variations of varying steepness.

Have a good look at your options on the way up to spot a good, safe line and avoid too much traversing.

The upper trees in the main drainage can be very fun to ski! For very strong and experienced skiers, there is the Gagnesrenna - a steep couloir with 1100 m vertical, and one of the most famous steep skiing lines in Scandinavia.

The line is clearly visible when you drive into Skjomen, and the entry can be spotted from just below the summit.