Juniper is a groomed blue tree run that is beyond awesome on a pow day


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Juniper is a groomed blue run that branches north off of Forget-me-not at the tree line below Parsenn Bowl.

Access the trail from Panoramic Lift (AKA “Pano” by the locals).

Head down Forget-me-not from the top and keep veering left toward the middle of Parsenn Bowl, which is a steep, ungroomed area.

Then head for the dead center of the trees.

This is intermediate-level tree skiing at its best, with options for leaving the groomed trail to go in and out of the trees as it heads downhill to connect with Edelweiss.

It doesn’t matter what trail you’re on – just go where your boards lead you.

All trails in the woods lead down to Edelweiss and back to Pano.

This trail is awesome with fresh snow and is perfect for less experienced powder lovers. Junipers are short shrubby trees that live up in the dry, windy conditions of the high-altitude environment.Their berries are a key ingredient in gin.