Fun trees at the NE boundary









Lower 40 is like a side country ski experience.

There is avalanche control, but is is never groomed and involves route finding and plenty of terrain challenges.

There are trees, rocks, gullies and cliffs.

You need to be a strong expert skier to be safe and enjoy this run.

It would be smart to go with someone who is familiar with the terrain.

Take Scott chair and exit left and follow the ridge northwards.

Watch for the whoop de doos and rollers on the ridge line.

Follow the ridge line until you reach the "Broccoli Tree" The Broccoli Tree is a large Juniper that is a popular landmark.

Turn right and you are in Gentian Gully.

As you head down Gentian, head to your right to a NW facing slope.

You will be near the boundary of the ski resort, so watch for the signs so that you don't go to far.

It is a fun tree skiing zone.

As you near the bottom look for traverse tracks heading back to your left that will take you back to Subway or Meadow chairs.